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7 Common Mistakes You Make While Taking the Medications

  • By Admin
  • 01 Sep 2017

You must have faced some health issues at some point or the other and have taken prescribed medications for it. Medicines are meant to relieve us from symptoms of a particular disease. However, you can miss the benefits of a particular medicine if some simple tips are not followed. Drugs are to be handled with care and should only be taken when required. You should never do self-medication. When you bring medicines to your home, take them properly as recommended by the physician. You should never feel embarrassed to ask your doctor anything regarding the medicine. Here in this article, we are going to explain you some few key points which you can take while taking medications:

1) Over Dosage Of The Drug Overdoses are the number one cause of medication fatalities and the most common error. Never take more dosage of the medicine than prescribed. It can lead to over-sedation and mood swings. Examples include common prescription painkillers like Percocet, Combiflam and anti-anxiety medication, Xanax.

2) Missing Your Dose of Medicine and Taking the Wrong Dosage It is very important to follow the regimen prescribed by your physician to get the complete benefits of the drug. Drugs affect children and adults both. Children's dosage should be correlated with age and weight.

3) Stopping Medications Mid-Course and Taking Prescription Blindly Certain medications, like antibiotics, may not be effective unless you finish the full treatment. Others may cause serious side effects if you stop taking them abruptly. For example, a missed dose of glaucoma medication can result in optic nerve damage or blindness. Double-check your prescriptions before buying. Make sure the prescription matches the medication you are given at the pharmacy. This is crucial. If you notice any discrepancies, call your physician immediately.

4) Confusing Medications with One Another Prescription medications frequently have names that are commonly mistaken by people and they get confused with the name. few examples are Zantac for heartburn and Zyrtec for allergies, Lamictal for epilepsy and Lamisil for fungal infection, Celebrex for arthritis and Celexa for depression.

5) Taking Medicines on an empty Stomach and skipping meals when diabetic Should the medicine be taken before or after food? As your doctor!! Some drugs such as thyroid hormones are to be taken on an empty stomach. If you are diabetic and are on medication, never skip your meals. It can lead to hypoglycemia.

6) Don't take the emergency contraceptive pill too often Avoid usage of pill again and again, except in cases of emergency as it does not offer protection against STD/AIDS and also the long-term use of it can lead to delayed menses, breast tenderness and lower abdominal pain.

7) Food and Drug Interactions Always be careful of the directions and warnings given on the labels of your prescription and from your pharmacist. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to ask your physician. While it is a common knowledge that certain medications are not to be taken before or after food. For example, anticoagulant drug Coumadin's effect will be nullified, if the patient takes food rich in Vitamin K (green leafy vegetable broccoli and Brussels sprouts) as liver uses Vitamin K to make blood clotting protein. Get Prescribed Medicines Online - Flat 20% OFF