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5 Winter Safety Tips for Senior Citizens and Their Caregivers

By ChemistsWorld On 02 Jan 2021

During the winter months, ice and cold temperatures can make life difficult for anyone. Slipper sidewalks and cold weather can cause a wide range of injuries, illness and specially for older people who are vulnerable to injuries and illness in cold weather due to a week immune system. They are susceptible to hypothermia, which is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster that it can produce, causing a severe low body temperature. Besides hypothermia, during the winters bone and joint pain can increase.

But older people can follow simple lifestyle changes to ensure that they do not fall prey to harsh weather conditions. Here in this blog, we are providing a list of tips and practices that can help seniors stay safe during winters.


Indulge in low impact exercises that helps you to pump up blood and provide warmth to your heart. It gets difficult to move out of bed during this weather but engage in routine exercises like yoga and walking. You could also do this yoga at noon when sun is upon you. Doing this helps you in co-ordination and balance. Exercise also involves mind games for mental stimulation such as Chess, Sudoku, and Ludo. These games also make them feel occupied and engaged.

Track Meals and Medicines

Consume small portion of meals throughout the day to keep yourself healthy and fueled with energy. Include Vitamin rich food such as green vegetables and citrus fruits which make skin more soft, healthy, and less prone to dryness and itching. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with 8-10 glass of waters, even if you are not thirsty.

Stock up all your medicines as this can be tough for senior citizens to go out and get their medicines. Although, this is not a tough task now as Online Medicine stores are providing a home-delivery service for all your medicines.

Keep yourself insulated

Seniors having cardiovascular conditions may experience increased side effects in the cold. Ensure your house has heaters and hot-water bottles always. The skin tends to become thinner in winter season, hence, it is important to wear cloths in different layers. Humidifiers is a great way to keep the air moisturized and consume clean air and keep redness and cracking of the skin at bay.

Don’t miss your vaccines

Winter brings with it a higher chance of catching cold or flu, thereby making it important to get all the flu shots on time. All elderly above the age of 65 should routinely be vaccinated for flu and pneumonia. The elders should get their vaccines in the month of November & December. People younger than 65 years of age with comorbid medical conditions like lung problems, smokers, diabetics, or patients with less immunity should also get their vaccination.


The cold and dry air can make your skin’s natural oil and vanish, and nobody likes dry, itchy or flaky skin. While the human body is designed to keep the outer skin healthy and hydrated, winters make it difficult for the oil or sweat glands to do their job efficiently. Order all your necessary skincare products from Online Pharmacy and make your skin stay fresh, soft, and healthy.

Shower using lukewarm water

There is nothing quite as satisfying as sizzling hot shower when it is freezing cold outside! While hot showers feel great, they can cause skin issues. The skin dries up quickly after a hot shower and this can lead to cracks and eczema. On the other hands, lukewarm showers followed by a moisturizing routine can help avoid skin dryness.

Wintertime certainly holds various challenges for senior citizens, but with a bit of attention and planning, they can keep themselves healthy and experience the joys of springtime soon enough.

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