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5 Reasons That Prove That Smart Phones Are Actually Making You Dull

  • By Admin
  • 12 Jul 2017

Gone are the days when having a cell phone was considered to be a luxury item. It is now counted under the category of the necessary goods and if proper care is not taken, it will soon enter the category of basic amenities. It is high time that we must understand that excessive use of mobile phone can be dangerous for our health.

Listed below are the top 5 dangers of making excessive use of mobile phones:

# Use of cell phones can negatively affect the emotions of the individuals and the same is not considered to be a sign of attentiveness when one is sitting in a gathering. Even researchers have proved that being engaged in the mobile leaves a wrong impression on the onlookers. Hence, the usage should be restricted so as to avoid getting addicted to the same. Don't let that cell phone hamper the human relationships.

# A significant increase in the stress levels has been observed with a sudden increase in the use of mobile phones, especially among the young generation. This electronic device radiates high frequency that can aggravate the stress in the human body. There are a number of ways through which this device hampers the mental peace like constant ringing, alerts, and even reminders. Many cases have been identified wherein mobile phones have been linked with stress and in severe cases with depression.

# Mobile phones turn into a great carrier of germs by the time the day ends. There is a greasy residue that settles on the screen, making it a great infection source. You will be shocked to know that the fecal matter can be easily transmitted via cell phones from one individual to the other.

# Are you suffering from chronic pain in your neck, back, and shoulders? If Yes! Then you are most probably over exposed to cell phones. Use of cell phone requires you to sit in a particular position and use your hands constantly. Back pain has become very common with the coming of this electronic device. It is high time that we take a break from this habit, otherwise, the joint pains would become our lifetime companion. As they say, excess of everything is bad and the same applies to the use of mobile phones. Keep a track of your mobile phone usage and set a time limit for the same. Avoid over exposure to the screen, else it can cause dependency followed by varies health issues.