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5 Lifestyle Tips To Prep-up For This Rainy Season

  • By Admin
  • 16 Jul 2018

Messed up with scorching summers?

It is time to welcome & prepare for the rainy season as these pre-monsoon showers are expected to intensify across the nationwide locations. Nothing is more exciting than monsoon as it brings sudden relieve from the hot & humid weather. Apart from enjoying the splash of rain showers & your favorite tea-time snacks, you must be extra cautious for your health. So, here are 5 incredible monsoon tips to boost your immunity & protect yourself from all health hazards: Stay on a healthy diet During monsoon, your body is high on the risks of getting gastrointestinal infections. Many people suffer from indigestion, food-borne diseases, allergies, & other problems that may upset their stomach. So, you just need to keep an eye on your food habits & keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid heavy & oily food
  • Say yes lighter foodstuffs for improved digestion.
  • Intake of green tea, lemon tea, & chamomile tea is preferable for better immunity.
  • Go for organic olive & sunflower oil for cooking purposes.
  • Reduce sugar intake as it may lead to inflammation.
  • Consumption of bitter vegetables & fruits like lauki, neem, & karela will safeguard your body during monsoon showers.

Drink sufficient water Stay hydrated & consume enough water during rainy season. Though monsoon showers bring water-borne diseases the chances of water contamination are high. So, make sure that your drinking water is purified & filtered. Stay away from alcoholic drinks & carbonated beverages.

Avoid stepping out for long walks in the rain. Your love for rain might be exceptional as it not only soothes your mind & revitalizes senses. Although rain dance seems tempting, it can cause several viral diseases & fungal infections. Do not stay in wet shoes or inner wear and AC environment after taking rainy showers.

Maintain hygiene of damp indoors Damp walls & indoors often trigger the growth of fungus and breathing problems in asthma patients. Moreover, clear away the accumulated water in your area as it may turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Do carry an insect repellent & stay protected from malaria infection.

Take extra care of your eyes Your sensitive eyes are prone to infection resulting in dry eyes, stye, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, itching, & other problems associated with your vision. Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands and visit a doctor in case of any complication. Rainy season is relaxing and tempting for all. However, keeping all above health tips in mind will not only double the fun of monsoon but also enhance your well being. Keep enjoying whenever it rains!